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The John Mitchell Award Lecture, London

Event organised by ICE

13 January 2016

This event has now ended

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During the last quarter of a century the geotechnical community has witnessed many changes in design and construction practices. This lecture will give a personal perspective on these changes by reference to direct experience from a number of roles in the geotechnical engineering industry.

Specific areas of focus will be the development of soil nailing, deep foundation construction & design and risk management. These areas will be discussed from the facets of design analysis, specification, technology and human interface and how they have impacted on the competences and capabilities of the geotechnical community.

The lecture will cover:

  • How soil nailing research was advanced in the UK - better understanding of bending stiffness, pull-out resistance and effective stress design of bond - why there is a problem relating test data to actual conditions in a slope
  • Discuss how design understanding has improved and how (and why) design and construction standards were developed
  • Describe how foundation technology (piles and deep retaining wall) projects have become more demanding to meet new infrastructure demands
  • What have been the challenges and advances for the geotechnical contractor in relation to design, specification, codes, materials and monitoring
  • Expand on how foundation piling sites have become much safer 
  • How risk management is really about learning and sharing information 

Cementation Skanska

Cementation Skanska

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