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John Mitchell Lecture 2018 – Re-thinking site investigation design, practice and procurement

Event organised by ICE

24 January 2018

This event has now ended

You can catch-up on details or any broadcast and downloads here.


The ground and structure need to interact so the scope and form of investigation needs to match the structure’s specification. Better recognition of this by clients, engineers and funders is needed. Re-thinking site investigation design, practice and procurement would go some way to achieve this and encourage quality from and for experienced professionals.

Structures are specified; the ground is inherited, so collaboration between the designers and investigators is needed to balance expectation.

The techniques used within the site investigation industry have many experienced practitioners and their knowledge is essential to optimise investigation in the context of the site geology, its access constraints and the desired information. Site Investigation is site-specific R&D and a process that extends from initial concepts, through phased investigation work and construction to project completion and beyond.

The investigation product is data that needs to be available for efficient use by designers. Adoption of the AGS Format for data transfer, assimilation and storage is allowing better and more rapid use of all the data and can satisfy BIM requirements; awareness of this innovation is vital to progress.

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Shelly-Ann Russell