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The link between resilience to climate change and earthquake preparedness, London

Event organised by Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics

30 November 2016

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Average global temperatures have already risen by at least 1C, a change which is causing increasingly frequent and severe climate and weather impacts. Even with the most ambitious climate deal, historic and 'locked-in' carbon emissions will see average temperatures rise further, exacerbating the effects on the climate and increasing the losses to our asset base.

Is the threat of climate change exacerbating earthquake events? How will the seismic isolators behave in increasing water table? Are we expecting more slope failures? It will be demonstrated in this lecture that assets in earth quake prone regions must consider the increased severity and frequency of climate hazards, integrate resilience measures for climate change and seismic resilience and consider climate change associated influence on seismic resilience. An example case study of San Francisco will be presented in the lecture. The research work indicates that long term asset management strategies must be developed in seismic regions.

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Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Tea and biscuits will be served from 5.30pm - 6pm.

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