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The politics of protest in transport

Event organised by The Transport Planning Society

06 May 2021

This event has now ended


The recent HS2 and Extinction Rebellion protests have highlighted that conflict is ever present in transport planning and should not be ignored.

In this discussion we will be asking expert panellists to reflect on the history of protests against transport projects and policies, comment on what can be learnt by transport planners today and what to expect in the future. The panellists are past and present transport campaigners and experienced stakeholder engagement. Rather than a debate for/against any particular transport scheme, they will focus on their experience and how expectations can be managed to deliver better outcomes.

  • Steve Melia, Senior lecturer in transport and planning at University of the West of England and author of "Roads Runways and Resistance – from the Newbury Bypass to Extinction Rebellion" which tells a 30-year story of the most controversial issues in transport, and the protest movements they spawned. His research included 50 interviews with government ministers, advisors and protestors - many of whom, including 'Swampy', were speaking for the first time about the events they describe. He is also author of 'Urban Transport Without the Hot Air: Sustainable Solutions for UK Cities' (2015)
  • Sarah Berry, advocate of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) will share the story of her campaign and the role transport planners. This time last year, Sarah hadn't given much thought to how the traffic in her neighbourhood impacted her life. But when Lambeth Council introduced a local low traffic neighbourhood, that very quickly changed. Sarah bought a bike for the first time in her adult life, discovered the massive difference accessible active travel can make to a life, and started advocating for LTNs across the country. She'll share the story of her campaign and the role transport planners have played along the way.
  • 3rd / 4th speaker to be confirmed
  • Chair: Mark Frost (TPS Chair)

For more information please contact:

Elira Alushi