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The trouble with steelworks sites, ICE Wales Cymru GEG

Event organised by ICE

16 May 2022

This event has now ended

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Steelworks sites present numerous geotechnical and geo-environmental challenges due in part to the enormous throughput of geological materials used to make steel, but also in part due to the past habit of informally disposing of process wastes around the plants.

Shallow ground conditions are often highly variable, both geotechnically and chemically, as are the properties of the various waste streams produced in iron and steel making.

This talk will examine the various processes carried out to produce steel, identifying the raw materials, the wastes and the by-products and considering their normal fate. The geotechnical peculiarities of the materials found on these sites will be discussed along with innovative solutions currently used on sites to manage the materials and avoid problems experienced in the past.

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Eleanor Kelman