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The why, what and how of BIM for infrastructure, Webinar

Event organised by ICE

02 February 2017

This event has now ended

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On 2nd February 2017, ICE and Autodesk took an audience of close to 1000, on a journey through BIM.

The dedicated webinar on ‘the Why, What and How of BIM for Infrastructure’, covered the entire project life cycle, from EIR’s to operation and maintenance, showcasing the real tangible benefits of utilising BIM and how organisations can reap its full potential, by applying the right methods, choosing the most appropriate software and embracing a new way of working.

‘We have to remember that BIM is not only technology; it is a combination of people, process and technology’ was among the most important take-outs from the webinar, as indicated by Peter Ingels, together with the fact that the main drivers for BIM workflows are the specific goals and challenges of each organisation.

And as BIM enables new workflows and allows new opportunities to be explored, it needs the appropriate supportive technology. Digital Component Libraries, asset attributes, 3D models, etc. all need to seamlessly work together, to allow teams to unlock their creativity and increase efficiencies. All this information must be available to be accessed at any given time and from the right people, in a user-friendly way, which will ultimately lead to greater collaboration and safeguard the integrity of the project.

‘A common data environment is a key part in BIM Level 2 process. All those involved must be ready to deliver the right information at the right time. A CDE allows for a single point of truth to exist, with information ready for review. Even in the case that something goes wrong, the CDE can provide clarity on the point of the process that the error occurred, acting as a defence for everybody’ pointed out Marek Suchocki. And moving down the road of BIM for operation and maintenance, the recipient of the infrastructure asset has rich, accurate data available to operate the facility, reducing costs and making planning easier.

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