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Vacuum waterproofing membrane system: advantages, features and case studies

Event organised by The British Tunnelling Society

16 February 2023

This event has now ended

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Requirements for the long-term efficiency and quality of underground structures have increased in recent decades. Today, the standard lifetime requirement for an underground infrastructure project is 100-120 years and, in some cases, even higher.

This calls for high increased attention to the durability of the whole structure and of each individual element. This attention also needs to be paid to waterproofing systems, which play an essential role in the durability and quality of the structures, as demonstrated by the very high impact that water inflows have on the damage of linings and infrastructure (Howard, 1991; Sandrone and Labiouse, 2011). Tunnel Route des Nation and its advanced vacuum waterproofing system design and installation ranks among the above considerations.

The lecture will describe type and functionality of the waterproofing system adopted and also why installer expertise and experience are crucial to make the project successful matching the client's and contractor's needs in terms of quality and productivity.


Enrico Pavese

Enrico Pavese

Renesco Holding AG

project coordinator

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Enrico Pavese

Currently project coordinator for Renesco Group, providing technical and commercial support to colleagues across global subsidiaries. Waterproofing expert, specialising in waterproofing and injection products, for underground construction as well as providing required support to all parties (owner, designer, contractor) involved in the project, as per guidelines for respective country.

Extensive chemical and industrial knowledge developed through previous position as sales engineer for Mapei (HQ Underground Construction Division) from 2014 to 2021 working on international underground structure and infrastructure projects.

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