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WG 147: Recreational Traffic and Commercial Ports

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26 April 2021

This event has now ended

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Part 1: Elio Ciralli (Chairman of PIANC WG 147 and Doctor Engineer at Envitek™ - Progetti e Opere) shall present on some of the key findings of the recently published PIANC Working Group (WG) 147, report titled, ‘Managing Recreational and Commercial,’ including:

  • Main characteristics of recreational navigation in the context of port facilities and their relationshipsv
  • A review of the existing statistics of accidents occurred involving recreational boats with commercial ships or fishing vessels
  • Case studies that illustrate relevant examples and their lessons learnt
  • Guidelines for design to implement various types of conversion strategies and sustainability opportunities and guideline for operation

Part 2: Miles Featherstone (Deputy Harbour Master at Port of London Authority) shall provide an insight into the challenges faced by a Harbour Master in managing recreational navigational in the UK’s biggest port, London’s River Thames.

Miles shall also present examples of the approach taken by the Port of London Authority to address the potential conflicts between recreational and commercial activity.

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Elira Alushi