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Carbon management in infrastructure: what does PAS 2080 mean for our industry

Event organised by ICE

05 May 2016

This event has now ended

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PAS 2080: Carbon Management in Infrastructure is the world’s first standard for managing infrastructure carbon. Sponsored by the Green Construction Board’s Infrastructure Working Group, PAS 2080 aims to bring a joined up approach to the way industry evaluates and manages whole life carbon emissions and deliver reduced carbon, reduced cost solutions.

The HM Treasury Infrastructure Carbon Review of 2013 identified a causal link between carbon reduction and cost reduction in infrastructure delivery. One of the review’s specific recommendations was to create a new publically available specification (PAS) to overcome disconnects in the value chain and embed effective whole life carbon management approaches. Publication of PAS 2080 provides a common process to encourage the right behaviours and approaches from clients, constructors, designers and product suppliers to deliver reduced carbon, reduced cost infrastructure.

This evening lecture will explain the context of carbon management in infrastructure and highlight the potential for PAS 2080 as an industry game changer. Our speakers will discuss the challenges of adopting the standard, including the need to overcome attitudes to innovation, the need to adhere to technical norms and how to embed new and novel solutions from a technical perspective. The presentations will include specific focus on challenges around production and supply of concrete – one of the most substantial CO2 emitters.

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