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Wind Engineering Society: Scruton Lecture 2019 - Offshore wind energy potential

Event organised by Wind Engineering Society

13 November 2019

This event has now ended

You can catch-up on details or any broadcast and downloads here.


An overview of activities carried out within some large EC funded projects over the last decade will provide a good mixture of technical and non‐technical information, making explicit reference to most recent developments in offshore wind energy technology and implementations: wind farms under design or construction, included the first offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean sea.

Main learning points:

  • Offshore wind energy harvesting potential
  • Interaction of wind and wave on offshore structures
  • Modeling of full interaction phenomena
  • Challenges in designing offshore WES
  • First offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean area (harbor bay of Taranto, Southern Italy)

For more information please contact:

Gabriella Lai