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Towards better urban mobility: XT junction design, a Malaysian case study

Event organised by ICE

27 November 2023

This event has now ended

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Lengthy waits at traffic junctions are universally disliked, leading to frustration for both drivers and passengers and carrying negative environmental and economic repercussions. Engineers have grappled with this challenge since the automobile became our primary mode of transport. Often, solutions are infrastructure-based, like constructing flyovers, bridges, or adding lanes.

While these can enhance traffic flow, they often come with constraints such as costs, space, and environmental concerns. This underscores the pressing need to innovate and optimize our existing infrastructure before embarking on new builds.

Enter the XT junction design – a prime example of leveraging current infrastructure to increase capacity, accommodating diverse modes of travel, including active ones. The XT Junction is a type of displaced right turn junction that has seen some limited use in the UK and USA. It reduces the number of conflicts by introducing a second set of signalised traffic signals at the minor arm that enables drivers to switch lanes and make the right turn unopposed.

The speakers will share with the audience the details of the XT junction design with a relevant example where a similar design has been implemented in the UK and a case study where the design is suitable to be applied in Malaysia to help tackle traffic problems with respect to environmental challenges.

Join us for a compelling dialogue encompassing sustainability, transportation, and beyond.


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Omar A. Mohsen M.

Omar A. Mohsen M.

MDS Traffic Planners & Consultants

Senior Traffic Engineer

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Omar A. Mohsen M.

Omar is a senior traffic engineer with MDS Traffic Planners & Consultants, with more than six years of experience in the transport sector.

He holds a degree in civil engineering from UCSI University in Malaysia and has effective problem-solving, modelling, traffic analysis, and planning skills.

Omar's professional journey has spanned both local experience in Malaysia and international stints in countries like Australia and the United Kingdom.

He is a Highway and Transportation Engineers Technical Division (HTETD) member.

Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Project Centre Ltd

Regional Director

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Steve Jones

With a rich professional journey spanning 30 years of experience in traffic engineering and urban design consultancies, Steve spent over a decade at Mott MacDonald's London and South East divisions, leading transport planning and traffic engineering initiatives.

He is renowned for addressing intricate traffic engineering challenges and consistently delivering cost-effective solutions from inception to realisation.

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