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CIRIA guide to natural slopes: condition, appraisal and remedial treatment

Event organised by ICE

10 October 2023

This event has now ended

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The upcoming CIRIA publication on natural slopes is intended to provide the asset owner, consultant and contractor with information on the condition, assessment and mitigation measures, which are applied to natural slopes. The authors have summarised the most relevant information from literature and consulted with experts and practitioners across the industry to capture good practice, with the aim of providing a document for routine use. It has been prepared as a companion document to CIRIA Reports C591 Infrastructure cuttings and C592 Infrastructure embankments and is supported by case studies. 

This event, hosted by the Yorkshire Geotechnical Group (YGG), will cover some key aspects of the guide, including:

  • The most recent accepted landslide classification system.
  • The processes that result in deterioration of natural slopes, with a focus on the climate changes that are indicated by the Met Office UK CP18 climatic model.
  • A proposed methodology for undertaking a quantitative assessment of landslide hazard.
  • Management actions and engineering aspects of landslide mitigation, providing a summary of some of the key design aspects that should be considered.