Switch on to pensions, Webinar

4 May, 2017 | 12:30 - 13:00

Find out more information about pensions.
Find out more information about pensions.

About this event

You may think pensions and retirement are not relevant to you at your stage of life. This webinar is here to show you why it’s important to plan for your eventual retirement and that it’s never too early to start getting your ducks in a row. This webinar is definitely for you……unless you are planning to work forever of course.

About this event

Topics include:

  • Getting your ducks in a row
  • A stitch in time
  • Pension freedom
  • We’ve been introduced to ISA but who or what is LISA?
  • Protecting your pension

Webinar timeline:

12:30 Introduction from Samantha Payne ICE Ben Fund
12:35 Presentation from Katie Vye, JELF
12:55 Q&A, Katie Vye, facilitated by Samantha Payne ICE BenFund

Webinar series

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For further information, please contact the ICE Benevolent Fund at info@icebenfund.com or call 01444 417 979.

More financial planning courses can be found on the ICE Benevolent Fund wesbite.

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