Switch on to Company Benefits. Webinar

16 October, 2017 | 12:30 - 13:00

Do company benefits matter?
Do company benefits matter?

About this event

If you don't know what your company benefits package includes then you could be missing a trick. This webinar will highlight why it's important to switch on to your company benefits. It outlines the types of company benefit you may be entitled to and why it's so important to understand them if you're thinking of changing jobs.

Topics include:

  • Don't look a gift horse in the mouth
  • Company benefits explained
  • It's not just about salary
  • What if you change jobs?

Webinar timeline:

12:30 Introduction from Samantha Payne ICE Ben Fund
12:35 Presentation from Katie Vye, JELF/Mercer Marsh
12:55 Q&A, Katie Vye, facilitated by Samantha Payne ICE BenFund


For further information, please contact the ICE Benevolent Fund at info@icebenfund.com or call 01444 417 979.

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Katie Vye

Katie Vye is a Senior Money at Work consultant at JELF/Mercer Marsh financial services and is passionate about supporting people to be better with money and improving their lives and well-being as a consequence.

Speaker testimonials:

"Katie was a fantastic presenter and gave excellent insight into all areas of money management"

"Exceeded my expectations – excellent, I learned a lot"