The Vyrnwy Scheme and George Frederic Deacon, Liverpool

4 December, 2017 | 18:00 - 20:00

Venue address:

James Parsons Lower Lecture Theatre
James Parsons Building
Byrom Street
Liverpool L3 3AF
United Kingdom
Looking at the scheme in more detail
Looking at the scheme in more detail

About this event

G F Deacon's significant paper on the construction of The Vyrnwy Works for the Water Supply of Liverpool may be found in the Proceedings of the Institution (Volume 126 Issue 1896, pp 24-67) While his paper, quite rightly, focuses on the construction of the works, this talk looks not just at aspects of the scheme's construction but at some of the factors that led to the promotion of a water supply that enabled Liverpool to have sufficient water availability for the next 60 years.

How did Deacon's ingenuity bridge the gap between the lack of adequate water in the 1860's – prompting Liverpool's Medical Officer of Health, Dr Trench to inform a Government Committee that "Had we had sufficient water in 1866 many hundreds of lives would have been saved" - to Vyrnwy coming on-line in the early 1890's?

Finally, we will consider Deacon's career both in Liverpool and in his consultancy in Westminster.

Speaker: Peter Cahill


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Irina Lavina
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Complimentary buffet and tea/coffee will be served from 6pm.

Organised by ICE Merseyside.

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Peter Cahill

Peter started work with Liverpool Corporation Water Works in 1962 as a trainee draughtsman. He was an Assistant-under-Agreement to the then Water Engineer, John Stilgoe, from 1966. He became Chartered in 1974.

Following an early career in design and construction Peter worked in the operational side of the water industry for the remainder of his time there. He managed the Liverpool, Wirral, St Helens, and Warrington areas before becoming a regional technical manager for United Utilities.

Upon leaving United Utilities he taught Civil and Water Engineering topics for Bolton College until his ultimate retirement in 2015. Peter continues to give talks to various groups on the history of Liverpool's water supply and donates any fees to WaterAid.

Peter has been a member of the Institution for almost 50 years.