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Three great challenges: Experiences from TBM tunnelling, online


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Add to Calendar 21-01-2021 18:00 21-01-2021 19:30 false Europe/London Three great challenges: Experiences from TBM tunnelling, online A BTS lecture ran by Robbins’ president, Lok Home on different challenges that could be faced while tunnelling in hard ground.
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  • 21 January 2021
  • 18:00 - 19:30
BTS showcasing an example of a challenging tunnelling project.

About this event

When boring through the earth, even extensive Geotechnical Baseline Reports can miss fault lines, water inflows, squeezing ground, mixed face conditions, rock bursting and other geological challenges. That reality is compounded when tunnels are extremely long, in remote locations, or under high cover.

In this lecture, Robbins’ President Lok Home will discuss three of the most challenging projects in recent memory: The 43.5 km long AMR Water Tunnel, the geologically diverse Sleemanabad Carrier Canal (both in India), and China’s Yin Han Ji Wei project in challenging rock bursting conditions.

Note: Lecture and the Q&A will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

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