Visit to Toxteth High Park Street Reservoir. Liverpool

14 October, 2017 | 12:00 - 13:30

Venue address:

High Park Street Reservoir
Letitia Street Entrance
L8 8DL
United Kingdom
Find out more about the Toxteth Reservoir
Find out more about the Toxteth Reservoir

About this event

Join us on this free visit to High Park Street Reservoir.

High Park Street reservoir was designed by Thomas Duncan – Liverpool Corporation's first water engineer. It was built in 1853 and received water from the nearby Windsor well via a 375mm (15") main, for onward distribution. One of the principal uses of the reservoir was to provide a reserve of water, at a suitable pressure, for fire-fighting in the South docks and the surrounding area.

After the Rivington impounding reservoir scheme was completed in 1857, and a 600mm (24") main laid from the Rivington aqueduct at Old Swan to serve south Liverpool, High Park Street reservoir received a mixture of Windsor well and Rivington water. Although the Corporation would have liked to have closed down Windsor Well when Rivington water came on-stream, the quality of Rivington water (principally its high colour) meant that mixing with well water was essentially to make the water acceptable to customers.

The reservoir has a capacity of nearly eight Megalitres (1,750,000 gallons) and has masonry walls with an internal asphaltic membrane to provide water-tightness. The brick-lined floor may have the same arrangement or may have a puddle clay layer beneath to allow water retention. The roof is of arched brickwork carried on cast-iron columns and beams. The water depth is 3.6 metres (12 ft.)

The reservoir had for many years suffered from defects in the walls that had prohibited its full capacity being used. The reservoir was finally decommissioned by Peter Cahill in April 1997.

Since decommissioning the reservoir has been cleaned internally and lighting installed. Visitors will have the opportunity to view the construction and the inlet and outlet arrangements. (For a preview see Dan Cruikshank's programme on terraced housing around 36 minutes in.)

No PPE is required. Meet at Leticia Street entrance.

Booking is essential – places are limited allocated on first come first serve bases.


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Irina Lavina
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