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ICE Thinks draws on the wealth of knowledge, experience and skills from across our membership to develop the most informed thinking on the key issues facing everyone working in the built environment.

We are also talking to industry, business and academia to help understand the detailed facts, identify trends and share our point of view.

ICE Thinks is a conduit for everyone’s ideas, views and opinions that builds into a think tank focused on the future challenges that we need to address right now.

What our ICE Thinks thought leaders said in 2016. A quick recap

Transforming infrastructure, transforming cities – key highlights from last year’s ICE Thinks contributors. From autonomous vehicles, digital innovation to a talking robot.

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Latest thinking

  • What we are going to be discussing in 2017

Cities for citizens: creating a liveable future

Joint APPG Infrastructure and APPG Smart Cities panel discussion
Speakers: Mark Prisk MP, Stephen Hammond MP, Ellie Cosgrave, UCL and Dan Byles, LivingPlanIt
Wednesday 26 April
Spaces limited; contact for more information

Artificial Intelligence

June (date tbc)
To take part or get more information contact

Impact of alternative sources of energy on smart cities

connected to ICE electricity storage report (June)
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