Infrastructure transformation

New technologies will mean rethinking the way we work.

We're asking leading thinkers, industry and civil engineering experts - that's you - to debate the impact of new and emerging technologies on how we plan and deliver infrastructure in the future.

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The infrastructure sector needs to find new ways to deliver services – be that more reliable and faster transport, secure energy and water supplies or less carbon emissions.

Why we need to understand technology's impact on infrastructure

Our infrastructure is changing - along with the way we use it and the demands we place upon it.

ICE has brought together senior industry figures to start the debate with a Green Paper (right). There are four big themes and some of the questions we ask are:


  • How can we make our infrastructure agile and ensure users are never locked into obsolete technology?
  • How will we develop the experienced engineers of the future if many of the tasks that are currently part of professional formation are automated?
  • Should we reframe questions of skills shortages? Do we instead need to talk about future needs?
  • How will we reconfigure networks and the towns and cities that autonomous vehicles will serve?

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding to the debate with more videos, comments and blog pieces. We want your views and opinions too. See below for how you can get involved.

Our Infrastructure Transformation Green Paper poses a series of questions around four key areas: autonomous vehicles, agile infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and future skills and delivery models. Do you have any answers?

Download ICE Green Paper

How you can add to the infrastructure debate

Join in on Twitter

Join the debate #tomorrowsinfra

Workshops and roundtables

ICE is running a series of workshops and roundtables that explore all the questions raised in the Green Paper.

Webinar debate: Transforming infrastructure with technology – 29 September 2016

World Café: Infrastructure transformation – 25 October 2016

Previous highlights include a roundtable dinner discussion on the potential of autonomous vehicles.

Student hackathons

A group of the freshest engineering brains are set tough problems and asked to solve them. If you have a great idea for a hackathon then we can help produce it.

See how students came up with ideas to tackle the “smart cars vs dumb roads” dilemma

Tell us what you think

We want to encourage the widest views on these big issues. We welcome think pieces, blogs and comments. You could also produce a video.

Email us to get involved

One day conference
  • ICE BIM 2016 - Implementing digital excellence, London

    19 October 2016

Industry experts, interactive panels and workshops drill into the detail of building information modelling – now a must on all government projects.

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