A simple guide to controlling risk

This book gives guidance on how to manage risk, to avoid accidents, higher costs and litigation.

CIRIA report 'A simple guide to controlling risk'
CIRIA report 'A simple guide to controlling risk'

Who wrote this?

  • Christine Lycett-Still, Pinnacle Interiors
  • Simon Pole, Pole Associates Structural Engineers
  • Laura Renfree, Renfree Associates
  • Simon Cotton, Manchester TEC

Managed by:

  • David Churcher and
  • Graham Till at CIRIA

It was funded by the DTI.


It was first published in February 2002.


To improve the efficiency of the construction industry, and avoid delays accidents and litigation.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is responsible for risk management on construction projects.


All construction projects contain risk - procedural, safety, commercial, environmental and so on. Each risk could have an impact on your project, or your business, yet very few of these risks are directly attributable to things you do or do not do. This simple guide contain best practice information and guidance on how to manage risk. It is aimed specifically at smaller construction companies.

This 32-page book covers:

  • An introduction to risk management
  • Benefits of systematic risk management
  • Risk management process
  • Points for success

It also contains toolboxes to:

  • Identify hazards
  • Create prompt lists
  • Using a risk register
  • Assessing a risk scale
  • Further information

For more information and questions, please contact management@ice.org.uk.

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