Asset Performance Tools

This Environment Agency paper is the first report from the Asset Performance Tools (APT) programme, initiated in 2010. It makes recommendations for information management of flood and coastal risk management assets.

Asset Performance Tools propeller
Asset Performance Tools propeller

Who wrote this?

Main Authors Jaap Flikweert and Stuart Dawks, Royal Haskoning, and Miranda Kavanagh and Eleanor Heron, Evidence Directorate, Environment Agency. Special thanks to Ray Smith, Dave Denness, Lindsay Hensman and Anne Thurston from the Environment Agency. Jonathan Simm and Michael Wallis collaborated too.


It was first published in May 2013.


This report is the result of research commissioned and funded by the Environment Agency, and led by the Scientific and Evidence Services team within the Evidence Directorate. This paper is intended to support performance-based management of flood and coastal risk management assets.

Who should read this?

For any engineers concerned with management or planning of flood and coastal risk management assets.


This paper includes an Asset Performance Tools propeller, a useful tool to analyse information flows, both between activities and between tiers. It gives a series of recommendations:

  • Coastal Local Authorities, Lead Local Flood Authorities and Internal Drainage Boards should use this facility to store the input and output of higher tier asset management activities
  • It's necessary to recognise transitions between assets
  • Residual flood risk for an asset should be accessible from asset information and management system (AIMS)
  • Information about local irregularities is needed to develop asset-specific fragility curves

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