Beach management manual (second edition)

This gives comprehensive advice on beach management, covering coastal erosion, environmental protection and beach improvement.

Discover more about beach management
Discover more about beach management

Who wrote this?

  • J. Rogers
  • B. Hamer
  • A. Brampton, et al.


It was first published in November 2010.


This is a replacement of a previous version of the Beach Management Manual published by CIRIA in 1996.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is in charge of a beach.


Beaches play an important role either as the sole barriers to coastal flooding and erosion, or as part of manmade defences. Beach management in the UK has evolved significantly in design and execution over the last 10 years, motivated by increased expenditure on capital schemes aided by guidance from CIRIA's Beach Management Manual, first published in 1996.

In times of accelerated sea level rise and increasing demands on beaches to provide defence against flood and coastal erosion risk, protect habitats and provide amenity, coastal practitioners need robust and "hands on" guidance on how to manage beaches for these diverse purposes. The focus of the new manual is to address beach management as a whole, recognising its multiple functions, and represents a major shift from previous approaches that focused on engineering interventions to beaches.

This 860-page second edition book includes information on:

  • State-of-art methods
  • Best practice guidance on beach monitoring and maintenance
  • Evaluation of the state and performance of a beach
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Execution and after-care of beach improvement schemes
  • Case studies of various management techniques

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