Review of behaviour of piled raft foundations

This book gives guidance on what to expect from piled raft foundations.

Construction equipement installing piled foundations
Construction equipement installing piled foundations

Who wrote this?

J.A. Hooper


It was first published in January 1979.


To enable engineers to design and analyse piled raft foundations, to give better results in the foundation of a construction.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is involved in deciding what kind of foundations a project needs, or is responsible for monitoring existing piled raft foundation buildings.


Structures have been constructed above piled raft foundations for many years, yet little guidance exists for the engineer on methods of analysis and design. Particular problems are maximum and differential settlements of the raft, apportionment of applied structural load between the piles and the base of the raft, and the distribution of these pile loads and raft base loads across the foundation. Many of these problems are also directly related to pile groups, where the structural connections to the piles are made above ground.

This 80-page book, out of print but available to buy from CIRIA as a photocopy, deals mainly with the behaviour of pile groups subjected to vertical applied loading, with particular reference to piled raft foundations in cohesive soils.

This book covers:

  • A brief account of various pile group analysis method and their application to design practice
  • Results of model and full-scale tests on pile groups in clay
  • Field data from instrumented piled raft foundations

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