Building Information Modelling (BIM) Protocol

This CIC-written paper explains requirements for project members and for BIM models, for working at BIM Level 2.

Building Information Modelling is now a major tool for project managers
Building Information Modelling is now a major tool for project managers

Who wrote this?

The BIM Protocol has been written by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) for the BIM Task Group. 


It was first published in February 2013.


This BIM Protocol was commissioned by CIC as part of its response to the UK Government BIM Strategy. The Protocol is for use on all common construction contracts and supports BIM working at Level 2. The Protocol is intended to be incorporated into contracts between employers and project team members. The primary objective of the Protocol is to enable the production of Building Information Models in a common way at defined stages of a project. A further objective is to support the adoption of effective collaborative working practices in project teams.

Who should read this?

Anyone who works in a project team who will be involved with the use, production or delivery of models on the project. 


This gives detailed information on:

  • General principles applied in producing the Protocol
  • How the Protocol works
  • The information manager role
  • The information requirements
  • Model production and delivery table document 

This Protocol identifies the Building Information Models that are required to be produced by members of the project team and puts into place specific obligations, liabilities and associated limitations on the use of the models. 

This introduction and guidance sets out the principles behind the drafting of the Protocol and provides guidance for its use. At the end are example passages that could be inserted into contracts, as a framework of generic information requirements.

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