Civil engineering environmental quality and assessment scheme

This manual contains the CEEQUAL assessment questions and guidance for the assessment of civil engineering projects for their environmental quality and general sustainability.

Civil engineering environmental quality and assessment scheme
Civil engineering environmental quality and assessment scheme

Who wrote this?



It was first published in November 2008.


To improve construction projects' sustainability.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is involved in construction projects and responsible for their environmental quality and general sustainability.


CEEQUAL is the evidence-based sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and the public realm, and celebrates the achievement of high environmental and social performance. CEEQUAL is a self-assessment process that CEEQUAL-trained assessors use to rigorously assess project or contract performance on management and a range of environmental and social issues.

This 116-page book, available to buy via CIRIA, gives a checklist to improve the environmental and sustainability performance of a project. This may be used in order to apply for a CEEQUAL Award at a later stage.

It must be read in conjunction with the separately available CEEQUAL Scheme Description and Assessment Process Handbook, which sets out not only the purpose and origins of CEEQUAL but also the fundamental principles and process of a CEEQUAL Assessment and its Verification.

A downloadable version of the CEEQUAL Manual and Handbook are available from the CEEQUAL website

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