Civil Engineering Procedure 6th Edition

An excellent overview of civil engineering

Millau Viaduct
Millau Viaduct

Who wrote this?

Civil Engineering Procedure was written by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).


The first edition of this guide was produced in 1963 when estimating books still gave items for 'haulage by horse and cart' and 'compaction by horse-drawn roller'. The following editions of course covered the substantial changes in the methods and equipment introduced into the field of civil engineering. This sixth edition of the guide was published in 2009 and remains an introduction to the traditional procedure in civil engineering while tackling the many alternatives that have developed over the last twelve years.


Successful civil engineering projects contribute towards healthy economies and thriving societies. The industry has evolved considerably since publication of the previous edition and this new edition seeks to capture those changes, including the principles of PPP/PFI and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI). Each chapter is written by a leading exponent to ensure that the latest and best practice is reflected.

Who should read this?

This guide is written for civil engineers.


This established guide provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the key project stages from conception through to completion of construction and then beyond to handing over the resulting structures and services for use.

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