Clients' commitments - best practice guide

This Constructing Excellence paper gives guidance for clients on what best practice is, and how clients can implement it, to improve delivery.

Implementing best practice can help improve delivery of projects
Implementing best practice can help improve delivery of projects

Who wrote this?

Constructing Excellence's Construction Clients' Group (CCG) Board members:

  • Simon Diggle - Highways Agency
  • Gren Tipper - Construction Clients' Group 
  • Peter Woolliscroft - Proclivity
  • Robert Knight - Igloo Regeneration
  • Cliff Jones - Procure 21 (DoH) 
  • Stephen Livingstone - Heathrow Airport Limited (Formally BAA)


It was first published in February 2013.


This is intended to be a code of conduct that is essential for success when instigating construction activities. It is intended to help make investments as efficient as possible with minimal risk and a quality assured outcome that supports a sustainable industry.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is involved in the client side of major construction projects. 


This gives a series of recommendations of actions for the client to take, to improve project delivery. It outlines the benefit to the client and suggests how success can be measured. Clients' Commitments are based around many years of experience of many major clients, and a large amount of evidence collected by Constructing Excellence. The main areas of advice given are:

  • Client leadership
  • Procurement and integration
  • Health and safety
  • Design quality
  • Sustainability
  • Commitment to people

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