Collaborative working principles

This Constructing Excellence paper shows the three overriding principles to collaborative working and the six critical factors for success.

Collaborative Working Principles
Collaborative Working Principles

Who wrote this?

This paper was published by Constructing Excellence.


It was first published in June 2011.


This guidance is based on learning from the best in design, construction and operation that clients, integrated project teams and supply chains have demonstrated on programmes and projects in the UK over the last 15 years.

Who should read this?

Anyone involved in collaborative working, especially from a managerial capacity.


This document explains the three over-riding principles of collaborative working:

  • common vision and leadership
  • collaborative culture and behaviour
  • collaborative processes and tools

It also covers the six critical factors to success:

  • early involvement
  • selection by value
  • aligned commercial arrangements
  • common processes
  • performance measurement 
  • long-term relationships

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