Common misunderstandings of Eurocodes

This Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) paper gives advice on structural Eurocodes. It lists and explains common misunderstandings.

Common misunderstandings of eurocodes
Common misunderstandings of eurocodes

Who wrote this?

SCOSS is an independent body established in 1976 to review building and civil engineering matters that affect the safety of structures. The sponsoring bodies are ICE, Institution of Structural Engineers and the Health and Safety Executive.


It was first published in May 2007.


For most engineers the Eurocodes represent an unfamiliar set of design codes, which increases the likelihood of making an error in the transition period.

Who should read this?

This paper is for any engineers, shifting from British Standards to Eurocodes, looking for concise explanation on the most common issues and misunderstandings.


A detailed list of common misunderstandings that could lead to errors in engineers' work.

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