Construction Design Management: construction work sector guidance for designers

This book gives designers guidance on their legal duties and how to carry these out efficiently.

CIRIA book 'CDM 2007 - construction work sector guidance for designers'
CIRIA book 'CDM 2007 - construction work sector guidance for designers'

Who wrote this?

Originally prepared by Ove Arup and Partners for CIRIA, then updated by Alan Gilbertson, CIRIA.


This third edition was first published in April 2007.


To help designers meet their obligations regarding construction hazards. 

Who should read this?

Anyone who is designing for construction work, and therefore under legal obligations as designer.


The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM2007) apply to construction work undertaken in the UK and for all projects the designers has duties under CDM. 

This 203-page book explains what is required of designers according to CDM and how to meet their obligations with effectively and maintain best practice. This new edition takes account of the ACoP publication (2007).

The guide explains:

  • how work may be carried out in an effective, proportionate manner 
  • gives examples of difficult issues which arise in practice 
  • who is a designer for the purposes of CDM
  • the need for action by designers and what is required of them by CDM 
  • details of the different types of accident and health issues involved in construction
  • health and safety issues arising in the 39 different sectors considered 
  • hazards for each section
  • examples of risk mitigation  
  • how to document information and 
  • sources of further information

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