Crane stability on site - 2nd edition

This book gives comprehensive guidance on maintaining crane stability on a construction site.

Crane stability on site
Crane stability on site

Who wrote this?

This guide was produced by staff from Laing Civil Engineering, Sir William Halcrow & Partners, Laing Plant Division and Halcrow Fox.

Research contractor involvement:

  • David Lloyd, Laing (Editor)
  • David Slater, Halcrow
  • Tim Watson, Laing
  • Nick Cook, Laing
  • Bob Dunkley, Laing
  • Mike Evans, Laing
  • Jason Fairall, Laing
  • Bernard Holman, Laing
  • Andrew Homes, Laing
  • Neil Smith, Laing
  • Rod Nicholls, Halcrow
  • Trevor Good, Halcrow Fox
  • with contribution from Mr P Oram

Steering group:

  • Rod McClelland (Chairman ), Alfred McAlpine Construction Ltd
  • Elizabeth Bowman, W S Atkins Plc
  • Peter Branton, Construction Industry Training Board
  • David Butterworth, Health & Safety Executive
  • Les Hancock, Taywood Engineering Ltd
  • Mike Harrison, Health & Safety Executive
  • Bob MacGrain, Baldwins Industrial Services
  • Jim Saville, Liebherr GB Ltd
  • Paul Smith, Health and Safety Executive
  • Antony Thompson, Safety Assessment Federation
  • Chris Watson, Tarmac Construction Engineering Services
  • Martyn Wenger, Sir William Halcrow & Partners Ltd
  • Peter Woodhead, Department of Environment

The research project was funded by the DoE Construction Sponsorship Directorate, CIRIA's Core Programme and the Institution of Civil Engineers Research and Development Enabling Fund.


It was first published in 1996, and this revised version was published in July 2003.


To give clear advice on how to plan and use cranes safely.

Who should read this?

Anyone who is involved in planning, specification, installation and use of cranes, and especially those responsible for site safety.


This 128-page book gives gives a thorough step-by-step breakdown of best practice for crane operation and ensuring crane stability.

It explains the various factors to consider when planning the use of mobile and tower cranes, including type and choice of crane, loading cases, ground conditions and foundation details.

The guide was fully revised and updated in 2003 to take into account changes in legislation and best practice and includes:

  • a number of accident case studies with dramatic photographs
  • a list of DOs and DON'Ts of crane use
  • references to relevant material
  • legislative background
  • principles of loading
  • ground conditions
  • foundation design
  • mobile crane stability
  • tower crane foundations
  • special situations
  • lifting appliances
  • inspection and
  • documentation

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