Delivering biodiversity benefits through green infrastructure

This book gives advice to project team members on maximising the environmental benefits when delivering green infrastructure (GI).

delivering biodiversity benefits through green infrastructure
delivering biodiversity benefits through green infrastructure

Who wrote this?

CIRIA commissioned:

  • Kathy Dale MSc FIEEM CEnv,
  • Claire Thomson BEng CEng MICE, 
  • John Kelly BSc (Marine) (Hons), 
  • David Hay BEng CEng MICE and 
  • Kenneth MacDougall BEng PhD of EnviroCentre Limited 

The Project Steering Group:

  • Julia Baker, Chris Britton Consultancy Ltd
  • Louise Clarke, CIRIA
  • Jan Collins, RSK Carter Ecological
  • Angus Corby, Transport Scotland
  • Helen Dangerfield, National Trust (formerly Royal Haskoning)
  • Sarah Davidson, National Trust (formerly Bureau Veritas)
  • Paul Dawson, NI Roads Service
  • Adele Dodgson, BAM Nuttall
  • Michael Earle, Safeguard Europe
  • Jennifer Firth, Northern Ireland Environment Agency
  • Martina Girvan, AECOM
  • Jonathan Glerum, CIRIA
  • Mick Hall, Arup (representing IEEM)
  • Brian Handcock, Morgan Sindall Group plc
  • Adam Ingleby, Environment Agency
  • Peter Johnson, Kier Group (chairman)
  • Monika Kiss, London Underground
  • John Newton, The Ecology Consultancy 
  • Owen Peat, CIRIA (formerly Homes and Communities Agency)
  • Nigel Sagar, Skanska (representing ICE)
  • Claire Wansbury, Atkins
  • CIRIA project managers

The project was managed by Jonathan Glerum (project director) and Louise Clarke (project manager).

The project was funded by:

  • AECOM BAM Nuttall
  • EnviroCentre Limited 
  • Environment Agency
  • Homes and Communities Agency 
  • Morgan Sindall Group plc
  • Northern Ireland Roads Service 
  • Northern Ireland Environment Agency
  • Safeguard Europe
  • Transport Scotland


It was first published in December 2011.


To help the economic case for biodiversity and ecosystem services, to cover the legal requirements to protect biodiversity, and to address the increasing awareness of biodiversity, ecosystem services and the multifunctional benefits of GI at policy level.

Who should read this?

Any construction professionals who is interested in, or responsible for, biodiversity and delivering green infrastructure.


The term 'green infrastructure' (GI) can be used to describe the integrated aspects of the design and construction of a civil engineering project that deliver a strategically planned network of natural and man-made green (land) and blue (water) spaces that sustain biodiversity and natural processes. This 200 page book gives aims to give clear messages about the goals and objectives of GI for the construction industry. It also enables construction professionals to work together with other disciplines to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services through GI, and minimising negative environment effects.

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