Energy information sources

This is a list of sources of information about the UK Energy Infrastructure sector, compiled by the ICE Energy panel.

General civil engineering knowledge:

Institution of Civil Engineers, Knowledge and Resources - Energy: -

Energy Matters (Academic blog/commentary)


Renewable Energy Foundation (Charity for sustainability)

2. Storage information:

US Government Department of Energy - Global Energy Storage Database

National Grid Grounds for constraint?

Renewable Energy Association (REA) Energy Storage in the UK Report 2016 Update

Energy Storage Sense (blog about energy storage technologies and issues)

3. Solar information:

Green Rhino Energy - solar spectra for solar panels

4. Heat

Autodesk information on Human Thermal Comfort

5. Innovation

Low Carbon Innovation Co-ordination Group

New Civil Engineer (magazine)

Infrastructure Intelligence

Energy Live News

6. Electricity / Energy

UK National Grid status

National Grid- Enhanced Frequency Response

7. Climate Change

Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015

UN key document on COP21

UN News Centre COP21

COP 21 | The Guardian

8. Renewables

UK new build – Nuclear AMRC

Solar cell efficiency - Wikipedia

Costa Rica clean energy TED talk

9. Nuclear

Radioactive waste management

Nuclear Industry Association

Nuclear Power Economics

World Nuclear Association- Nuclear Power in the United Kingdom

World Nuclear News

NIA Nuclear Activity report 2016

10. Environment data

World Meteorological Organization

NASA Earth Observatory

11. Energy organisations and bodies

International Energy Agency

International Hydropower Association

Energy Storage Association

Engineering the Future

Royal Academy of Engineering:-

SSE (UK Energy company)

Scottish Renewables

Institute of Mechanical Engineers:-

Guardian Energy / Environment Section (UK Newspaper)

E3G (Climate Change Thinktank)

Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU)

Energy Research Partnership

Electric Power Research Institute
Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) (UK Nuclear regulator)

Nuclear Institute
Concrete Society
National Grid Status
EDF Energy Nuclear plant status
World Energy Council

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Nuclear Energy Agency (intergovernmental nuclear organisation for industrialised countries)

International Energy Agency
World Nuclear Association

Ingénieurs et scientifiques de France (IESF, British section of professional body for scientists and engineers)

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