ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management

ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management is a one-stop reference for all practicing engineers working in the field of highway engineering.

Highway design and maintenance
Highway design and maintenance

Who wrote this?

It is written and edited by a wide selection of leading specialists and published by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).


It was published in April 2011.


To guide and train readers towards achieving expertise in all aspects of the important field of highway design and management.

Who should read this?

This is an invaluable resource for engineers in design and engineering consultancies, government agencies, research institutes, universities and colleges.


This manual covers each of the key aspects of highway engineering projects:

  • Funding
  • Procurement and transport planning
  • Traffic engineering
  • Materials and design
  • Management and maintenance of existing highways assets

Key features include:

  • Over sixty highly illustrated chapters covering all areas of highway engineering
  • Case studies, common problems and practical advice throughout
  • Useful references to further reading and websites at the end of each chapter

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