ICE Manual of Structural Design: Buildings

ICE Manual of Structural Design: Buildings is the definitive reference for practising civil and structural engineers involved in the design of buildings.

Structural design of buildings
Structural design of buildings

Who wrote this?

Written and edited by recognised experts from industry and academia, and published by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).


It was published in August 2012.


To deliver best practice knowledge and practical guidance, the manual takes a three-part approach to the structural design process – addressing fundamental principles, concept design and detailed design – highlighting essential calculations and techniques.

Who should read this?

This manual is an invaluable resource for all practising engineers seeking best practice guidance in the structural design of buildings, regardless of their specialty or individual contribution to building projects.


This ICE manual:

  • Provides accessible, practical solutions to common design issues
  • Contains illustrations, allowing clear visual representation of complex principles, calculations and techniques
  • Contains case studies and examples, illustrating practical application of theoretical principles
  • Provides an extensive references, providing a wide variety of further resources for detailed information

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