Nuclear Construction Lessons Learned - Guidance on Best Practice: Welding

This Engineering the Future paper gives guidance and recommendations for improving welding on nuclear projects.

Nuclear plant
Nuclear plant

Who wrote this?

The sponsoring bodies are the Welding Institute (TWI), ICE, IChemE, IMechE, IET, IStructE, NI, and RAEng. 


It was first published in April 2012.


This paper was written to raise standards in UK industry and supply chain and help the successful project delivery on new nuclear sites. This should help businesses deliver new nuclear projects to cost and programme.

Who should read this?

Anyone involved in welding, overseeing or planning welders on nuclear projects.

The guidance documents in this series are aimed at all those within the supply chain wishing to better understand the demanding requirements of nuclear construction.


This paper covers quality assurance of welding, skills requirements, and new technology and makes a series of recommendations:

  • Forum - for sharing knowledge and good practice on welding in nuclear power facilities 
  • Codes - quality welding requirements documents may need to be written and shared
  • Review other sectors to learn how to have a tiered quality management system 
  • Skills bodies need to elaborate the likely future shortages of welders, to allow for training to happen
  • Early contracting should happen to allow smaller businesses more certainty and encourage their investment 
  • Industry should urge Government to cover welding training
  • Welding should be added to the Immigration National Occupational Shortage List
  • Single skills structure is needed for welding and industry needs to help design training courses as early as possible 
  • New technology should go hand in hand with skills development
  • System needed to implement new technology and share risk

Nuclear Lessons Learned Series

This document is part of the series of four papers:

  • Nuclear Lessons Learned Report: Guidance for Best Practice
  • Nuclear Lessons Learned - Guidance for Best Practice: Concrete
  • Nuclear Construction Lessons Learned - Guidance for best practice: Welding
  • Nuclear Construction Lessons Learned - Guidance for Best Practice: Nuclear Safety Culture

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