Open space opportunities for previously developed land

This book gives advice on how to develop open space projects on previously developed land.

New oppotunities for previously delevoped land
New oppotunities for previously delevoped land

Who wrote this?

  • R. Jackson
  • K. Wray
  • J. Healy Brown

as commissioned by CIRIA.


It was first published in February 2011.


To help create more open spaces, when there are limits and only developed land available.

Who should read this?

Anyone who wants to create more open space. Town planners with limited open space. Developers looking to improve their projects.


This 120 page book, available from CIRIA, gives advice to project team members on how to create open space from previously developed land. It gives information on relevant policy and legislation and on organisations active in dealing with previously developed land and open space projects.

For more information and questions, please contact [email protected].

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