Planning for resource sustainable communities: waste management and infrastructure

This jointly written guide presents a framework for the planning and design of waste and resource management for resource sustainable communities.

Sustainable waste management
Sustainable waste management

Who wrote this?

The project team included Biffaward, Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), Forward Scotland, and EnviroCentre. This was funded by the landfill tax credits of Biffaward and the Research & Development Fund of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 


It was first published in April 2010.


To encourage more sustainable practices related to the management of waste and resources.

Who should read this?

This is aimed at those with responsibility for providing waste management infrastructure, namely Local Authorities and Development Teams (incorporating architects, consultants, contractors etc.) and developers keen to promote their sustainability credentials.


Volume 1 presents a framework for designing a community, describing the waste management features to be considered and assessed. This volume is intended to be the first of a series which provides guidance on what constitutes a Resource Sustainable Community. This Code introduces the steps that should be considered for sustainable waste management in a community. It provides a guide on the roles of those involved with the development, and sets 10 Sustainable Design Principles (SDPs) for consideration when designing a community. The document also provides cross-references to other guidance and supporting tools which complement this Code.

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