Port Designer's Handbook

The third edition of the Port Designer’s Handbook provides practising port and harbour consulting engineers with essential guidance and recommendations for the layout, design and construction of modern harbour and port structures.

Port of Rotterdam
Port of Rotterdam

Who wrote this?

The author, Carl A. Thoresen, has more than 45 years of experience gained from practical engineering and research from more than 800 different small and large port and harbour projects both in Norway and around the world.


June 2014.


The purpose of the third edition of the Port Designer's Handbook is to update its coverage, particularly with regards to the berthing of large vessels and the design and construction of berth structures due to new developments in the construction and use of new materials.

Who should read this?

This handbook will be invaluable to practising harbour and port engineers and to postgraduate and senior university students.


Chapters in this handbook cover new port developments and standards, including:

  • Port planning and environmental forces
  • Channels and harbour basins
  • Berthing requirements and impact from ships
  • Design and safety considerations
  • Types of berth structures
  • Gravity-wall structures
  • Sheet pile wall structures
  • Open berth structures and berth details
  • Container terminals
  • Fenders
  • Erosion protection and steel corrosion
  • Underwater concreting
  • Concrete deterioration
  • Concrete repair and port maintenance
  • Ship dimensions
  • Conversion factors

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