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Guide to Risk Assessment for Reservoir Safety Management

This Environment Agency guide (SC090001/S) gives a proven and robust framework, supported by evidence, to assess the risks associated with any reservoir.

Guide to risk assessment for reservoir safety management
Guide to risk assessment for reservoir safety management

Who wrote this?

The research contractor was HR Wallingford and the individual authors were David Bowles, Alan Brown, Andy Hughes, Mark Morris, Paul Sayers, Alexandra Topple, Michael Wallis, Keith Gardiner.

Collaborators: Atkins Ltd, Jacobs, Sayers & Partners, RAC Engineers & Economists, Samui Ltd.


It was first published in May 2013.


In 2009 the Environment Agency conducted a scoping study (SC070087/R1) which established the need to update the existing Risk Assessment for UK Reservoirs guidance.

Who should read this?

Anyone involved in risk assessment of reservoirs.


The guide has two volumes. Volume 1 gives an overview of the role of risk assessment in reservoir safety management, outlines key concepts and provides a framework for tiered risk assessment. Volume 2, part 1  gives a methodology for the three tier approach to risk assessment for reservoir safety, and examples of its application. Part 2 provides more detailed background information on risk assessment methodologies and approaches.

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