Risk management framework for ensuring robustness

This Standing Committee on Structural Safety (SCOSS) paper gives advice on a risk management framework, to help engineers consider robustness of structures.

Managing risks on site
Managing risks on site

This paper emphasises a team approach for best results.

Who wrote this?

SCOSS is an independent body established in 1976 to review building and civil engineering matters that affect the safety of structures. The sponsoring bodies are ICE, Institution of Structural Engineers and the Health and Safety Executive.


It was first published in March 2006.


This paper is intended to promote discussion. It suggests to have a reasonable chance of identifying all big influences for the life of a structure, wide ranging risk-based thinking should be used.

Who should read this?

For any engineers concerned with the consideration of robustness of structures.


This paper includes:

  • Issues to consider at each project stage
  • The legislative requirements for the UK
  • Process checks for achieving robustness
  • An outline of a recommended approach, including an appreciation of the wider issues, a whole-life approach, and whole team contribution to reach an integrated solution

For more information or questions, please contact management@ice.org.uk

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