Site safety handbook (4th edition)

This book advises construction professionals how to manage health and safety in construction. It highlights common hazards and promotes safer construction practice.

CIRIA book 'Site safety handbook (4th edition)' Image by Crossrail Ltd.
CIRIA book 'Site safety handbook (4th edition)' Image by Crossrail Ltd.

Who wrote this?

Steve Bielby and Alan Gilbertson

Assitance came from David Lambert of Kier Group, David Watson of WSP and Graham Leech of Balfour Beatty Management.


It was first published in 1992 (SP90), second edition 1997 (SP130), and third edition 2001 (SP151). This fourth edition was published in July 2008.


To spread understanding of how to minimise risks on construction sites.

Who should read this?

This book is directly relevant to all construction professionals, and especially those in charge of ensuring site safety.


This 162-page book is in three main sections:

  • Before going on-site – four chapters explain the responsibilities of the professional and the preparations needed before going on-site
  • Site activities and safety hazards – each of the chapters deals with a principal issue, e.g. falling from height
  • Your contribution – three chapters explain what professionals should do to deal with hazards, assist with accidents and how to investigate them

This fourth edition has been revised to reflect the recent changes in health and safety regulations.

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