Structural Engineering of Transmission Lines

Structural Engineering of Transmission Lines provides practising engineers with a comprehensive guide to the structural behaviour of transmission lines and the successful management of transmission line projects.

Overhead power lines
Overhead power lines

Who wrote this?

The authors - Peter Catchpole and Buck Fife - bring together technical knowledge and industry advice to offer extensive practical guidance on the design, construction and management of transmission lines.


It was published in June 2014.


The book details the considerations, methods and outcomes of projects in different parts of the world where the constraints and opportunities of resources, climate and culture are unique.

Who should read this?

Structural Engineering of Transmission Lines combines technical details and practical examples into one essential resource to help structural engineers, contractors, consultants, facility owners, operators and managers understand, navigate and build upon the current methods in the transmission line industry.


An invaluable resource, the Structural Engineering of Transmission Lines:

  • Provides observations, calculations and technical solutions to problems facing structural engineers
  • Discusses variables in terrain and weather conditions when approaching each project
  • Considers the balance of components in each structure to ensure the longevity of the line
  • Outlines issues such as restricted access, jurisdictional constraints and natural hazards which may hinder a project and advises for cost-effective solutions

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