Major Infrastructure Projects: Key Front-end Issues

Infrastructure projects are probably the most complex projects to conceive and manage well at the critical front-end.

Considering a project deeply at the front-end could be key to success or failure
Considering a project deeply at the front-end could be key to success or failure

Before major infrastructure projects are authorised to go ahead the senior people managing them need to think deeply about the key issues which can mean the difference between success or failure.

We believe some of these front-end issues are often overlooked. A big project that goes wrong wastes scarce resources, is trouble for all concerned and can undermine confidence in other projects.

This best practice paper covers initial thinking about the reasons, context and aims of a project, through to mitigating risk.

It has been prepared by a working party of civil engineers and actuaries, known as the Risk Group. Previous publications by the group include the RAMP Guide about managing risk throughout development and construction phases.

Major infrastructure project issues paper

Written for anyone involved in the planning and execution of major infrastructure projects, it includes plenty of case studies and is broken into sections:

  • First thoughts
  • Clarifying the purpose
  • Understanding the project context
  • Deciding on governance
  • Choosing the methods of appraisal
  • Designing the project development process
  • Exploring alternative projects
  • Developing the favoured project further
  • Making key decisions

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