Paving slabs

The use of paving slabs has long been a popular choice when designing footpaths and hard surfaces. But the health and safety risks surrounding laying them can cause concern. Weight, vibration, noise and dust can all be potential hazards if the appropriate precautions are not considered. This paper acts as a guide for designers.

Paving slabs offer a robust and economical solution
Paving slabs offer a robust and economical solution

When creating a scheme the designer must identify the issues with laying paving slabs. They are obliged to consider elimination or mitigation of the risks.

This paper is aimed at designers and supplements the example given in L153 (para 87a) Managing health and safety in constructionwhich does not explain how the ‘elimination/mitigation’of risk is implemented in a real situation. The paper aims to explain what is considered to be a reasonable approach.

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