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Rhondda Tunnel

  • HEW Number:
  • Designers:
    Sydney William Yockney (1841-1923)(son of Samuel Hansard Yockney)
  • Owner:
  • Built:
  • Opened:
    July 1890
Significant features

Very long drives/accurate surveying for headings (3,055m/3,340yds). Very early use of in-situ mass concrete to construct arched sidewalls, built after Board of Trade inspector refused to authorise opening for passenger traffic due to 753 yards of tunnel being unlined. Early use of electric lighting during latter part of construction period.


  • Last Updated:30/04/2018

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Rhondda Tunnel
  • Place:
    Between Blaengwynfi and Blaencwm
  • National Grid Ref.:
    SS 889968
  • County:
  • District Council:
  • SMR Office:
  • Accessibility:
    no access

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