Civil Engineering Special Issues (CESI): Exclusive project related video

Published twice per year in May and November, Civil Engineering Special Issues (CESI) provide members with an indispensable record of recent major projects, such as the London Olympics and Heathrow Terminal 5.

Beginning in 2017, members who subscribe to CESI will benefit from online access to exclusive project-related video content created by the authors and editors. Hosted on the same page of the ICE Virtual Library as the project paper itself, every issue of CESI will contain several project-related videos.

As a sample of what to expect, watch Editor Stuart Ross discuss the construction boom in Hong Kong, the subject of the November 2016 Special Issue. The issue showcases recent innovative work and how the technical problems presented by a densely populated modern city can be overcome.

Hong Kong is home to 5,000 ICE members, the most of any region outside the UK, and has weathered the global recession of 2008/9 with many major road and rail projects. Many HK Government projects are now being procured with ICE’s NEC3 suite of contracts.

The two Special Issues publishing in 2017 will both be devoted to Crossrail, the biggest construction project in Europe: the May issue will focus on Designing and Constructing the Elizabeth Line, and the November issue on Programme Managing the Elizabeth Line.

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