CDM - 3 years on Report

This ICE Health & Safety Expert Panel report addresses some of the key areas of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007)’ where Civil Engineers considered that further guidance was needed. Although the regulations were updated in 2015 , the report is a valuable resource to those working in the construction sector.​

CDM - 3 Years on Report
CDM - 3 Years on Report

This report examines a number of specific aspects of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations) 2007 (CDM) which have given cause for concern.

It considers three specific issues in detail within CDM itself. It looks at:

  • Preconstruction Information ('The Information Pack')
  • Competence of the CDM Coordinator
  • Health & Safety File

The report address the uncertainty between various guidance documents and produces recommendations on the process and essential outputs regarding 'The Information Pack'

With regard to the Competence of the CDM Coordinator, it looks at the the main professional qualifications held by CDM-Cs and ranks the competence elements of Safety, Task Knowledge and Experience, producing as assessment for each as either 'Satisfactory', 'Marginal', or 'Generally Unsatisfactory'

The Health & Safety file can have a fundamental conflict when using CDM 2007 between legislative and what contracts stimulate. This report recommends practical ways of dealing with this.

The report was a result of the cooperation of key industry bodies that helped identify and debate matters of mutual concern and interest. Much of the original principles of the report remain relevant to the revised CDM 2015 Regulations and that CDM overall establishes good business principles for project management with potential benefits beyond those of reducing accidents and incidents of ill health.

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