Clients, Collaboration and Connections - improving how civil engineers work

The need to collaborate and communicate well with teams, contractors and clients is vital. Our resources aim to aid civil engineers by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to encourage better collaboration and stimulate innovation.

Increasing collaboration between teams has been shown to improve delivery
Increasing collaboration between teams has been shown to improve delivery

As an industry we remain fundamentally conservative and resistant to change. Construction has among the lowest levels of investment in training, research and innovation.

The aerospace and automotive industries have gone through periods of technological revolution in response to customer demands and market forces. Government policy has also enabled change. Construction has not experienced this.

ICE is asking the question: Why? What is the matter with the Construction Industry? What is it about the way we work, connect and collaborate that stifles innovation? How can we overcome that in the next five years?

Basic awareness

For those looking to improve their general knowledge, content explains new legislation, expectations of the owner, and a webinar provides context.

Webinar - Innovation in the construction industry

Recorded lecture - The role of the owner, by Graham Winch

Knowledge - RIBA: Plan of work

Book - Practical Guide to Using the CDM Regulations: Teamwork not paperwork

Book - Civil engineering procedure, 6th ed. London: Thomas Telford, 2009

Case study - DFMA and the A453 Road Widening project: A new approach to bridge construction.

Recorded lecture - Design for Manufacture and Assembly factory debate.

Webinar - Lean Construction Management and BIM: How to speed up construction.

Webinar - Managing Change in Complex Projects: Configuration Management, Asset Information and Big Data.

Intermediate understanding

Aimed at those with a deeper understanding of this area looking to develop their knowledge.

Knowledge - Collaborative practices for building design and construction

Knowledge - Government construction

Report - Public projects and procurement in the UK

Book - Smith, K. A.: Teamwork and project management. 4th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2014

Book - Client Best Practice Guide

Website and case studies - Alliancing Code of Practice for Infrastructure Alliancing and self-assessment tool.

Website and case studies - Production Management in Design and Construction guide.

Advanced understanding

Report - Engineering for a successful nation

Book - Gardner, I: Achieving successful construction projects: a guide for industry leaders and programme managers. London and New York: Routledge; Taylor & Francis Group, 2015

Book - Mosey, D: Early contractor involvement in building procurement: contracts, partnering and project management. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2009