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Global Engineering Congress

In 2018, ICE hosted the Global Engineering Congress in London. Held in collaboration with engineering organisations from around the world, it brought together thousands of delegates from more than 80 countries to address the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The sustainability route map transforms learning from the Congress into actions.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 the United Nations’ member states agreed to adopt 17 international Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and achieve them by 2030. These goals have become the benchmark for sustainability; they are universally applicable and integrated to facilitate a domino effect of change.

SDGs and engineering

The infrastructure designed and built by our members is the critical interface with our planet. It dictates the patterns and flows through which we live our daily lives and affects our long-term well being. As the infrastructure becomes more interconnected and demands more resources, we have an ever increasing responsibility to ensure that it contributes to sustainability as described through the SDGs.

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The Vision

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were developed to address humankind's grand challenges to meet the demands and needs of a growing, global population.

They set out a 'bold and transformative plan of action to move us to a more sustainable and resilient path, leaving no one behind.'

Using the SDGs as our framework, we intend to bring about transformative change in the way infrastructure is conceived, planned, financed, designed, built and maintained.

We will provide leadership and advocacy, nurture collaboration, build capacities, knowledge and skills, and share our stories. We will transform our combined knowledge into action.

By organising our work into streams of activity we can develop a route map for coordinated action towards SDG delivery.

We will gain a better understanding of where to focus our efforts and encourage cross-fertilisation of innovation and knowledge. We will identify areas where we need to build our capacity, display leadership and share our stories of success.

The Sustainability Route Map

The Sustainability Route Map outlines our activities over the next three years. It shows the key activities that were identified during and after the Global Engineering Congress and plots a course for how we plan to transform how engineers engage with the SDGs. Activities for the route map will be delivered through our three working groups.

Sustainability route map
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Working groups

  • Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting

    Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting

    Find compelling ways for engineers to consistently measure SDG impact across infrastructure projects or programmes.

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    Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Global Knowledge Sharing

    Global Knowledge Sharing

    Work with other professional bodies to increase knowledge on SDGs through education and CPD.

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    Global Knowledge Sharing
  • Systems Approach

    Systems Approach

    Promote ways in which engineering projects can better harness systems thinking to progress the SDGs, enabling a shift from self-contained single projects towards an outcome-based system.

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    Systems Approach

It is on all of us to create an environment that is resilient, sustainable and equitable.

Nick O’Regan, UNOPS

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    Redi Rock manufacturers team up for emergency landslide repair

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    Spillweirs Large and Small: Designing for Reservoir Floods, Belfast

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